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snake antivenom


We are proud to have developed some of the leading snake antivenoms

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Summerland Serums Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned and family run company that operates out of its own APVMA approved premises without the need to outsource any of its manufacturing or production processes. Summerland Serums produces two snake antivenoms making it unique amongst its competitors due to its comprehensive antivenom range. Products undergo stringent quality control testing regimes as designated by the APVMA to ensure a consistently high standard.


All batches of Summerland Serums Snake Antivenoms undergo a strict testing regime with independent accredited laboratories prior to their release in accordance with APVMA guidelines. These may include both a Mouse Potency and EIA to test for potency and toxicity. An LAL to test for endotoxins, and a sterility test. All test results are required to be shown to APVMA auditors upon request.

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